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The Network 

Redwood trees connect root systems to help each other weather storms. Fungi use mycelium networks to communicate helpful information throughout the forest. Flocks of birds travel incredible distances using teamwork. 


Taking hints from the natural world around us, MTN was founded on one fundamental belief:

we are stronger together. 

Using the newest research and most up-to-date guidelines, we collaboratively create training curricula for medical and rescue courses. Then, we use The Network to connect students to instructors throughout the United States and beyond. 

Our Curricula

Our courses and certifications are designed to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to handle medical emergencies in remote settings. With curricula that focus on leadership development, empowerment, and life-saving education, we deliver engaging and hands-on instruction from experienced instructors.

Our Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder Curricula were developed to be in-line with the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative's  Standards of Practice for each level of certification. As a Wilderness Medical Society Affiliate, we aim to promote and distribute evidence-based treatment guidelines to our students. In addition to these Wilderness Medicine related resources, we also look to organizations such as STOP THE BLEED®, the Defense Health Agency/Deployed Medicine (TCCC, Prolonged Field Care), and the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) for updated trauma care guidelines. Lastly, we lean on the guidance and wisdom of our team medical directors, which range from Physician to Firefighters to help make our curriculum come to life.

If you would like to partner with us to provide Wilderness Medical training to your community, please reach out to

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Medical Advisory Board

*not an exhaustive list


Dr. Lee Goldman, MD

Dr. Lee Goldman brings 40 years of medical expertise to the MTN medical curriculums. 

Specializing in emergency medicine, family practice, and addiction medicine, he is known for his comprehensive and compassionate patient care. 

Since the 60's, Dr. Goldman has been exploring the limits of extended backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, multi-day paddling adventures in the southwest, and international bicycle touring. Lately, you can find him exploring local trails of Monterey County on his E-MTB. 

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Sheree Goldman, DNP

Sheree is known for bringing creativity, forward thinking, and ingenuity to the forefront of medical care in the fields of Women's and Family Health.

Now a volunteer with MSF (Doctors Without Borders), she actively contributes lessons learned while helping to develop medical systems in austere, war-torn communities. 

She enjoys remote, international travel and has a particular fondness for the Camino de Santiago. 

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Ryan Armstrong, EMT-B, BS Outdoor Recreation, FAWM Candidate

Ryan is the "triple threat" in wilderness medicine: he is a professionally trained educator, experienced outdoor adventure guide, and a medical professional with Emergency Department experience. 

He loves teaching Wilderness Medical courses and especially enjoys training new instructors. 

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